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strength training for soccer players

10 Strength Training For Soccer Players [Your Epic Guide]

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Do You Want To Know What Is Strength Training For Soccer Players?

Do you want to know what it is like strength training for soccer players?

Great and efficient players require a combination of this to be stronger to play as a team since it is a team sport.

Soccer is usually quite a physical and contact sport. The players not only need to be skilled and talented but they are also required to be stronger.

This is in order to participate effectively. Body strength also reduces the inevitable risks of injury. 

Here is a recommendation that you can learn for your own training to build strength training in soccer, endurance and flexibility.


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Soccer Players Will Need To Perform Compounded Movements To Focus On The Lower Body

The use of weights is highly decisive in the strength of the lower body.

Trap bar deadlifts strengthen the lower back and reduce stress on the spine, which in turn acts as a preventive measure against injuries.

Soccer players tend to change directions within a split second, and participating in dumbbell lateral lunges fosters this type of movement.

This workout boosts strength training for soccer players for flexibility and mobility in the legs.

  1. Squat
  2. Deadlifts
  3. Lunges
  4. Leg extension
  5. Calf exercises
  6. Bulgarian split squat
  7. Romanian deadlift
  8. Resistance band work
  9. Medicine Ball squat/slam
  10. Weight Training
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Recommended Exercises For The Upper Body Exercises For Soccer Players

  • Row
  • Press bench
  • Military press
  • Chin-ups

Here is a recommended equipment for upper body strength training that anyone can use.

The Core Training And The Essential In Soccer Needed

  • Increase stability
  • Develop like overall strength
  • Increase endurance and force transfer from the lower to the upper limbs
  • Soccer strength training

Which Exercises Should You Be Doing?

  • Plank
  • Side plank
  • Barbell rollout
  • Farmers walk
  • Hanging leg raises

Why Is Strength Training For Soccer Players Important?

We are talking about this as it is a high-intensity team sport with high contact between athletes and recovery time between actions.

This is all-important in order to outperform their opponents. Furthermore, it is crucial for recovery time in between actions.

This exercise is helpful to players especially when pushing off the opponents and maintaining aggression.

How Do You Train Soccer Players?

This can only be achieved by adding strength exercises for soccer players through daily workouts.

Soccer players need to have excellent aerobic and anaerobic conditioning to have a high performance during the game.

It comes with different roles and skills to play on the field.

As Such It Is Listed Below

  • Speed
  • Stamina
  • Agility
  • Coordination
  • Conditioning or Endurance
  1. Speed

More than speed and acceleration is of utmost importance when it comes to soccer. Max speed is reached in 40-60 yards which is quite unusual in soccer.

Athletes will need to improve their performance within 20-30 yards in a match to do well on the field. 

  1. Stamina

If your body can handle upper body workout for soccer players then they will be a lot stronger, so your stamina will increase as you gain strength.

Soccer players should do push-ups, squats, and sit-ups so that they get about a minute to rest in between each set for the body to recover.

  1. Agility

Fast bursts of speed and quick changes of direction are what soccer is about and to improve each player’s agility.

Coordination, balance, ability to change direction, accelerating and decelerating, foot quickness, body control, quickness likewise players such as Messi and Ronaldo.

It is simply because of their ability to create space using their elite agility strength exercises for soccer players. 

  1. Coordination

Coordination and control of the soccer player’s body are super important during a game. Have you ever had the pleasure to watch Thiago Alcantara play and train?

Lack of coordination means weaker skills, poorer passing techniques, soccer weight training, slower change of direction, and worse body-on-body performances.

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  1. Conditioning or Endurance

To many elite athletes, it simply means more running, lots of sweating, and pushing the limits but to be honest, that is not quite the actual conditioning or endurance method.

In fact, conditioning or endurance is one facet of the conditional abilities of an athlete rather it is a combination of those facets that could be described as conditioning. 

Is Weight Training Important For Soccer Players?

Powerful body strength is achieved with weight training for soccer players by working through a full-body workout considering both upper and lower parts of the body.

Optimum body workouts would include exercises using weights, plyometric training, and sport-specific force-based actions.

With high regard for these power and strength-based exercises, high-intensity resistance training also helps improve the overall performance of a player.

What Is The Best Exercise Strength Training For Soccer Players?

Players should ensure their lower body is full of strength and can endure large intervals of intense running.

The glutes should be powered up through a number of squats and the use of weights which will enhance barbell back squats.

Body fat in soccer players must be low, around 10%, and muscle mass should be high as it contributes to strength.

What Muscles Should I Strengthen For Soccer?

The squats are pivotal for soccer players considering how they enable hip flexibility and strength glutes, hamstring, and calves.

So to speak, strength training for soccer players is essential to improve their performance of the players.

It is crystal clear that body strength is probably the most relevant qualification for any soccer player, regardless of the position.

How Can I Make My Legs Stronger For Soccer?

Single leg training here is quite critical and should be strengthened through leg presses, one legged-squats, and hamstring curls.

It is advisable to start with both legs before proceeding to single-leg exercises with goalkeeper strength training in order to establish proper balance and form.

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What Exercises Are Good For Soccer?

A type of resilience and strength training called “Tabata training” is highly beneficial to soccer players.

It is done by picking an exercise or a movement and done at maximum intensity for 20 seconds without stopping.

The athlete then rests for 10 seconds and repeats the exercise for eight sets.

This workout improves the endurance and stamina of the soccer player while giving him or her a better-balanced soccer upper body workout and dribbling ability.

strength training for soccer players
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What Upper Body Workout Is Good For Soccer Players?

In retrospect to the lower body, the strength of the upper body is equally important.

Soccer players are often known to overlook the upper body which is rather an ignorant decision.

The strength of the chest, shoulders, and arms should be considered and worked on.

Including a bench press in the workout helps build the chest muscles while giving strength to the triceps and biceps.

One-arm dumbbell rows are also relevant in building arm muscles.

This exercise is helpful to players especially when pushing off the opponents and maintaining aggression.


So to speak, soccer players’ power-related programs are also highly necessary for players returning from injury.

They give the player more confidence and return him to his initial or better physical state.

Through body strength, a player improves his or her overall performance and becomes a key figure for the team.