How To Make Money From Football? [2023]

Would you like to know how to make money from football? Feel free to explore further to unlock all information on making money with your skills.

Large football clubs, according to KPMG are very well diversified, as they make their money through various sources as a magnanimous industry.

The modern game of how to make money from football is extremely commercial, with a greater emphasis on securing adequate payment than ever before.

All of this, however, is not possible unless clubs achieve outstanding results on the field.

This is great news for football fans because it keeps clubs and players motivated to perform well. As a result, the overall viewing experience improves, questions are answered, and eventually, they will make money in sports.


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How To Make Money From Football?

You can earn money from football with a variety of methods obviously with no shortcut to success.

As a football fan, these are legitimate ways how to make money from football if you are willing to put in the effort around this.

15 Ways How To Make Money On Football Index?

How To Make Money From Football
  1. Produce football content
  2. Football show host for TV and radio
  3. Publish a football blog
  4. Marketing referrals and affiliates
  5. Youtuber who specializes in football
  6. Football professional gamer
  7. Become a football player agent
  8. Football digital journalist
  9. A professional footballer
  10. Income from player transfer fees
  11. Buying and selling football merchandise
  12. Deals on sponsorship
  13. TV broadcasting deals
  14. Earnings from prize money
  15. High-tech stadium facilities for rent.

Let’s Take The Plunge Right Now

1. Produce Football Content

If affiliate marketing or blogging is not your thing, never worry. You have yet another option – writing football content.

This is another decent way how to make money on football? Most football fans’ challenge with writing football content is that they think they do not know how to write. In most cases, this is not true.

If you have a genuine passion for football and can strongly express your opinion on football, you can write football content.

Resources are included below:-

2. Football Show Host For TV And Radio

Hosting a football show on TV is almost very similar to doing the same on the radio. They are, however, not identical. The main distinction is that the TV show will record both sound and video. Whereas, radio is just on audio.

Furthermore, in most cases, TV airtime is significantly more expensive than radio airtime. Nonetheless, hosting football shows on television has the potential to make a fortune. How to make money with sports?

Trying to get more than one sponsor for a TV show may be a wise strategy. This is due to the fact that tariff rates are typically high, and it may be difficult for some brands to pay the lump sum.

As a result, splitting the cost with 2 or 3 sponsors could be a wise decision.

3. Publish A Football Blog

Publishing a football blog has never been easier though. Only a domain name and hosting plan are required. Even though there are many hosting companies available,

Bluehost with the integration of WordPress is our top pick for those with limited funds. What you need to start a football blog is how to make money in sports. I launched this blog by signing up for Bluehost.

In sports, football occupies a niche, but it’s important to dig deeper into the domain name and the hosting.

You should ask yourself about the intention to publish. Is it only about the news or only about the articles or is it only about the Premier League or the Champions League or UEFA before launching,

4. Marketing Referrals And Affiliates

The concept of referrals and affiliate marketing is similar but not identical to that mentioned earlier.

Referrals and affiliate marketing are typically mentioned here for people who do not have a blog or want to start one. You can also do this if you have a blog to monetize.

To sell another person’s product is to earn a commission.

We’re talking about anything related to the game: football jerseys, boots, merchandise, and video games. Ask the seller for a referral or affiliate link (most online sellers welcome this).

Depending on the affiliate agreement, people may be able to get coupons or discounts by clicking your link. A good way to get people interested.

5. YouTuber Who Specializes In Football

YouTube is the most popular online video platform available to humans. Every day, approximately 5 billion people watch videos on YouTube! It has practically changed the way we watch, learn, and earn.

Statista’s forecast shows the number of viewers worldwide increase between 2023 to 2028 could be more than 2.0 billion.

Don’t you think if YouTube commands this gigantic number, it is the perfect place to turn your passion for money? How to make money from sports?

However, you’re far from the only one who has thought about it. As a result of their passion, football fans have made a fortune on YouTube.

6. Football Professional Gamer

You are not a weirdo at all and it is absolutely alright if you’re not big on Instagram or Facebook. Maybe you’re a football fanatic who loves to play video games.

FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer (video games) are the most popular football video games. And, in case you didn’t know, there are football fans whose job it is to compete in these games on a large scale, and they make a lot of money.

However, if you enjoy managing a football team instead of moving the players around you, you can consider the Football Manager game.

Alternatively, you could organize a masterclass or training on how to play these games in your region and apply to register. Also, how to make money from football?

7. Become A Football Player Agent

Football agents are among the most powerful and wealthy people in the football business. They assist in the facilitation of player transfers and contracts in exchange for a commission.

Agents, from Jorge Mendes to Mino Raiola, have become as well-known as the players they represent with the yearly renewal of their licenses.

According to Sports Management Worldwide, Premier League agents can earn anywhere from £1200 to £550,000 (estimate) per year in commissions. How do football clubs make money?

To become an agent, each individual must submit an application to the appropriate association for consideration.

According to Article 4 of the FIFA Regulations on Working with Intermediaries, “…the association concerned must be satisfied that the intermediary involved has an impeccable reputation.”

8. Football Digital Journalist

If you are a football fan who loves interviewing people and reporting the session, you should consider being a Football Journalist. This is one of the ways you can make money in football write for us.

On average top earners earn between $111,000 annually and monthly $9,250 according to Ziprecruiter and you can earn doing what you love.

It’s an exciting and highly sought-after job in sports. If you’re interested in a career in sports journalism digitally I shall ask you why not give it a go?

9. A Professional Footballer

The ultimate way to make money from football without A professional footballer is the best way to make money from football without gambling.

In all likelihood, this is the simplest way to make money from football. You may ask why? Does Messi ring a bell? He has the Midas touch.

When he recently moves from Barca to PSG selling 150,000 shirts in 7 minutes after his arrival carrying the number 30. This will also become an income revenue for him.

Players at the top of the game make a staggering amount of money each week. If you think about it, the outcome of any wager is determined by the players on the field. So, think about it.

You will need to start your football career at a football academy if you plan to become a football player. Below are a few options which you can explore.

how to make money from football

10. Income From Player Transfer Fees

The registration information of a player is transferred from one association football club to another, hence the word “transfer.” applies.

This is made available soon before the conclusion of the contract. The player is then free to sign with any club that offers them a contract.

You may want to know then how much exactly footballers get from their transfer fee.

A percentage of the transfer money does not go to the players. A player’s signing bonus will be added to his first payment, but otherwise, the money is sent through the club.

Do you have any plans to set up a football club? You can make loads of money here.

11. Buying And Selling Football Merchandise

Most clubs have internal gift stores where they sell their own items or memorabilia. Items sold may include themed snow globes, scarves, stationery, and T-shirt jerseys.

This may not be a substantial source of income, however, this is just another opportunity for football clubs to supplement their income.

This interest can generate a handsome income for you in the long run if everything is done well.

12. Deals On Sponsorship

When the players play, almost every football club wears a sponsored kit. When one looks at the financial and strategic reasoning behind this, it is easy to see why.

With all of the attention that football receives, there has been a noticeable shift in marketing methods from major firms over the last few decades.

The global fan base of the MUFC is projected to be at 1.1 billion, according to a survey done by the organization in 2019.

Every time MUFC plays football, these companies’ logos/brands have the potential to be viewed many billion times. There is no doubt that the advertising revenue is respectable. Sponsors alike below:-

  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Barclays
  • Coca-Cola

13. TV Broadcasting Deals

TV deals have become a more and more prominent income source for football clubs. For instance, the EPL owns the television distribution rights of all football being played in their league.

As such, they have the right to sell them to the highest bidder. The highest bidders are typically outlets such as Sky Sports but also there are many other sports channels including streaming sites.

They will then distribute this payment to the clubs in the order of which teams attract the most views. As such, the ability to attract views mainly depends on two things; the popularity of the team and their performances on the pitch.

  • BT Sports
  • Fox Sports
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • ESPN

14. Earnings From Prize Money

All of the income sources indicated above are influenced by the teams’ performances on the field. Prize money, on the other hand, is inextricably related to performance.

This category is pretty straightforward and the better a team plays, the more competitions a team wins then the more money they receive as a reward for their efforts.

Naturally, the amount of money received varies depending on the competition. As such it is also worth remembering that a team doesn’t have to win a competition to be eligible for prize money.

As of 2019, the UEFA Champions League had the highest prize pool, with 1.3 billion dollars, according to Statista.

15. High-Tech Stadium Facilities For Rents.

Clubs are good at using their facilities on the other 6 days of the week, in addition to using their stadiums to earn revenue from matchday sales. Particularly, the larger and most successful ones make it extraordinary.

For private social gatherings, stadium and museum tours, and weddings, the packages are ideal if you would like to have your wedding with football theme backdrops.

In addition, having state-of-the-art facilities with great infrastructure rental returns could fill the coffers of a football club.

  • Wembley, London
  • San Siro, Inter Milan and AC Milan
  • The Etihad, Manchester City
  • Camp Nou, Barcelona FC

Can You Get Rich From Playing Football?

When money pours in and is invested properly, it generates long-term profits for the investor (football players). They get money not only through football contracts but also through brand sponsorships and marketing.

As a result, many footballers, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, David Beckham, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, have invested in real estate, consulting firms, startups, hotel networks, and gym chains, as well as filed trademarks. 

It’s amazing to learn how professional players plan their investments and make the most of the money they make in their careers.


Why Do Footballers Earn Too Much Money?

There is an increase in player salaries because the teams have more money than ever. 

Football has become increasingly popular and profitable as a result of globalization and technological improvements including in Sports Science.

These athletes appear fitter and perform well more than football players before time. Subsequently, they have more demand when hunted.


Due to their diverse revenue streams, many large football clubs are extremely well-diversified.

As a result, the modern game is highly commercialized, and securing enough payment is more important than ever how to make money from football?

These things aren’t feasible without top-notch results on the pitch. Fortunately for us fans, this encourages clubs and players to put on tremendous performances.

Ultimately, this results in a better overall viewing experience and a much-needed sports income revenue.